Financial Firebird Corporation - Pittsfield, MA - Jobs


Full time Programmer position available.   Will consider applicants who wish to work part time.
Must be 18, with database knowledge and skills.
Relevant computer courses and knowledge of PHP and MySQL required.
(Perl and any SQL experience also works)
Computer graphics skills helpful.


Sales, marketing and account management.
Retail or Business to Business sales experience needed.
Previous work in financial industry or other finance experience helpful.
Good computer skills a must.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Writing Interns And Data Entry Interns

Students will learn geography of specific vacation areas and how to travel there, types of accommodations available to visitors, activities enjoyed buy vacationers, as well as details about the country and the government of the territory. Students will write short summations about specific islands and particular island cities. Work may involve writing business summaries, activity descriptions or meta tags as well. If students wish to write appropriate topical articles on any subject of their choice, we would publish their pieces on our sites.
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